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Music, the very center of this website and my work, enters in everyone’s life from the very beginning. It accompanies our lives throughout the years and it has influence over us in a subtle manner, even if we are not aware of it. One could say that we are all victims of music since every time we hear music, we can’t avoid feel some motion inside. 

How is such power of influence possible? How is it possible that a melody, a rhythm, a harmony, a musical timbre… are able to put ourselves in front of our own feelings? 

As beings we are deeply musical. We are vulnerable to this language, which is able to say more than words can say. It is able to express abstract concepts very familiar to us. It touches intimate things that we cannot even explain. 

Therefore, music is a great tool. Rather than helping us explaining, it helps us expressing and creating empathy among people. If I play a cheerful song, I can make a listener be happier. A soundtrack is not made to describe what happens in a movie, but to describe the feelings its director feels upon the facts depicted and wants to transmit to the watcher. We do not hear an emotional history to document ourselves but to feel. 

My fascination for such a language and its capabilities drives me to keep on composing and offering my work to companies that appreciate a total communication. It doesn’t matter whether it is cinema, documentary, television, advertising, computing, etc… All images are empowered by a proper music. 

Be therefore welcome! I invite you to listen some samples of my ultimate compositions. I wish you find them interesting. They have been honestly composed, with my utmost compromise for music and the clients that once requested it. Should any emotion appear, and I will feel my job is complete!

Jordi Sanjuan Domènech


"Jo Crec" ('I Believe')

The documentary “Jo Crec” (‘I Believe’) was released in a major theatre of Barcelona on Saturday, 15 of June. This documentary is one of the finalists of de fourth International Catholic Film Festival of Rome.

Jo Crec” has been shot in 3D technology. Actually it is one of the world’s first movies ever of its kind. The film deals with the many reasons why people have faith and/or believe in God. The Catalan company Global3DSolutions is responsible for its making.

 Jo Crec” aims to be a modern and attractive contribution to the goals of the “Year of the Faith” announced by Holy Pope Benedict the XVI. It is committed to promote the “meeting with Jesus and the beautifulness of having faith on Him”.

 I have compound the original soundtrack of this release. Some of the songs may be listened on this website.

Portada Jo Crec

C-major pentatonic and the subconscious
C-major pentatonic scale is compound of five musical notes: C, D, E, G and A. Science says that as human beings, we all have this sequence of notes somehow ‘attached’ to our subconscious.

The acclaimed vocalist and musician Bobby Mc Ferrin (“Don’t worry, be happy” and many other hits) was decided to demonstrate this universal phenomenon throughout a ‘live’ experiment. It happened in 2009, on a Science Convention within the World Science Festival.

In the following video, Mc Ferrin is featured leading his audience to modulate their voices together, making them change after each movement. Then the audience answer every call in an unexpected way. Please note that in no moment does the audience sing notes F or B...

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